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Getting commercial cleaning leads by any means necessary is the life line for the growth of a janitorial company. Janitorial leads can be bought or received organically. Just to define the obvious differences between the two bought leads cost money, however organic leads might indirectly cost but with a little sweat can actually become free janitorial leads. The question for you have to answer is which one is better for my business? If you are figuring out how to start a janitorial business, what method is is the best use of your time and money? If you are an established commercial cleaning company you will also want to know which method is best for you.


Efficiency is doing thins right effectiveness however is doing the right thing. Any janitorial manager or owner would argue both are important, but knowing the right way to perform a janitorial task and effectively executing it is the most important foundation of any employee working for a cleaning organization. It is not enough to simply hire a potential employee with a certain janitorial skill set and assume he or she will be efficient. In other words someone who has ten years experience sweeping floors might not be effective on your approach to hard floor maintenance.

Who We Are

In 2001 founder Cornelius W. Wright founded the American Maintenance Network. A consulting company that provided knowledge of contract procurement in both government and private sectors. Cornelius gained this knowledge from operating a successful building maintenance organization in Chicago Illinois.

He based his consulting approach on three main pillars. The first was marketing, creating a thorough and consistent marketing campaign in a specific local area or region to establish a presence. The second was developing a streamline approach or implementing business automation to perform a high level of service that exceeds the customers expectation. The third and most important pillar was to grow a loyal and experienced staff.

The Start Of Jansultants

After years of offering consulting services to different building maintenance organizations costing the customer $200.00 per hour, Cornelius noticed that there were more companies that could not afford such fees. It was then that he studied internet based solutions that could deploy the same marketing and business automation features for a fraction of the cost. In 2012 Jansultants was launched.

Building Maintenance Intelligence

Building Maintenance Intelligence defined as using analytics, trends and business automation to work smarter and not harder. By developing iron clad solutions to each of its clients this is the motto of Jansultants. We aim to meet and exceed the expectations for success that business owners have entrusted in us to obtain.

Customer Vision

At Jansultants we beleive it is important to see our business through your eyes. In other words how do you see your business operating with complete success. We then provide the solutions, analytics and automation to allow you to achieve your goals. Sign up for a Jansultants plan today, speak with a consultant and take your business to the next level.

About Our Services

Where We Are Located


We consult any company associated with the building maintenance industry with in the United States.

    919 East Colfax Ave. Denver CO. 80218



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