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Getting commercial cleaning leads by any means necessary is the life line for the growth of a janitorial company. Janitorial leads can be bought or received organically. Just to define the obvious differences between the two bought leads cost money, however organic leads might indirectly cost but with a little sweat can actually become free janitorial leads. The question for you have to answer is which one is better for my business? If you are figuring out how to start a janitorial business, what method is is the best use of your time and money? If you are an established commercial cleaning company you will also want to know which method is best for you.

In this article we will discuss organic versus bought commercial cleaning janitorial leads and which option is best for you. It is important that when working with any leads to consider your time and cost. Due to the tight profit margins that most janitorial contracts you want to be careful not to make them tighter by spending to much on leads. This article will give you tips and tricks to decreasing your cost and increasing your janitorial bidding prospects while deciding what method is best for your company.

Bought Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Leads

In the world of paid leads there are two general categories, digital and non-digital. Lets first look at digital leads and examine the biggest platform. That is Pay-Per-Click or PPC, and the biggest platform for this is Google. How this works is that Google works off of key terms or phrases that people type in and search for. For instance if I was the General Manager for a factory and looking for a new janitorial service in Chicago Illinois. I would type in "janitorial services Chicago", at the top of the search results and the bottom a set of search results would appear. You would pay google for the key phrase "janitorial services Chicago" and every time someone clicks on it you would be charged. There are other search engines and banner networks that work some what the same way to generate janitorial sales leads. No matter the method these options will get a potential customer to your website but does not gaurrantee the customer will turn into a lead.

Non-digital sales leads are done a little different. One way is that I company identifies your area or region and the services that you sale. In your behalf they then contact the customer finding out the key contact and what cleaning services they are interested in. Some of these companies have leads that are generated by industry and have a list ready as soon as you pay for it. There are also service directories that charge you to be listed on their website you are then charged for the exposure.

  1. You get immediate commercial cleaning leads and contacts
  2. Someone else does the work to get the cleaning business leads
  3. Easy way to get exposure on Google

  1. Digital janitorial sales leads from Pay-Per-Click may not result in a contact or even a phone call but you are still charged
  2. With paid leads when you stop paying you stop getting leads.
  3. Most people looking for a janitorial service are picky and look more at reviews and search results than ads
  4. A lot of sold leads are not exclusive, meaning they have been sold to other companies as well.

  1. Choose keywords that have good monthly clicks for the price.
  2. Research longtail key phrases like "Most Affordable Janitorial Service In Chicago Illinois".
  3. Inquire before you purchase if the janitorial sales leads are exclusive and how old. Hire a telemarketer or appointment setter.
  4. Use search engines to locate potential local janitorial sales leads and send emails.

Organic Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Leads

Generating organic commercial cleaning services leads covers a broader category. You can think of it as fireworks, a single firecracker will get noticed but a full firework show will absolutely get attention. You want to create the largest display possible so that you can be found in your area or region. Some of the methods for building your very own janitorial marketing fireworks show can include: blogging, video creation and marketing, keyword optimization, directory submission, local reviews and social media post that are targeted to your local market.

Obviously this method of generating commercial cleaning leads can be time consuming. There are many companies out there that can do this work for you some are expensive others like Jansultants that charges as little as $13.00 a day to basically be your local janitorial marketing expert. It is also important to understand that Google notices your fireworks show as well and the bigger the show the more you move up in Google rankings for related search terms.


  1. Can be cheaper than paid janitorial leads in the long run because all of your efforts do not go away post, videos and reviews are there forever.
  2. You can actually do most of the work yourself.
  3. Organic janitorial leads get potential customers to call you already interested and looking for your service that they either searched or saw in a post.
  4. More than 64% of people look for services or product online based off of reviews.
  5. Video is increasingly becoming a mandatory platform for companies to present there product or service.


  1. If you are doing organic commercial cleaning lead generation there is time involved if you or someone else does it.
  1. Writing blog content with embedded keywords directed at your local area and your services.
  2. Optimizing social media post targeting your area with your services.
  3. Creating videos and using video platforms like Youtube to promote your janitorial company.
  4. Listing on local citations also known as directories. There are hundreds of them
  5. Encouraging reviews that all link back to your business.
  6. Optimizing your website to be Google friendly and visitor friendly.
  7. Posting on other local blogs with your website link as a local janitorial service
  8. Submitting press releases to local and worldwide news organizations.
  9. Use Google's free adwords tool to optimize your keywords and keyword phrases.
  10. Use analytics and tracking to see what is and is not working then adjust as needed.

In conclusion if you ask my opinion, every business should use both. Hopefully a lot more organic commercial cleaning lead generation and a lot less bought janitorial leads. If you have the time and knowledge doing it yourself can actually result in free janitorial leads. No matter which you choose it is important to have a strong responsive website that converts potential customers to paying customers. All of your efforts bought or organic will have no effect if they are directed to a poorly built website.

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