Realtime Business Analytics

Realtime Analytics

You simply can not improve your janitorial business if you do not know what needs improvement. What good is it to find out a month week or even a day later that something needs to be improved. That is why our entire plan offering is based on real time analytics. That means keeping the pulse of your janitorial business at your fingertips. We like to call it janitorial business intelligence.  There is no other plan that offers you webdesign, local and online marketing, video creation, video marketing, business automation and all with real time analytics.

RealyticsHub The Ultimate Bonus

If I could tell you who is on your website right now, what device they are using to search your website, how they found your website, where they are physically located, what exact page they are looking at and how long they have been looking at it would you believe me? Well i'm not done yet because if you have that much information on this potential customer why not just talk to them right now. RealyticsHub can provide you with all of this and more in real time. Don't wait another minute sign up today to experience the effect of janitorial business intelligence.

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We consult any company associated with the building maintenance industry with in the United States.

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